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Open position in Ericsson R&D

The position involves the development of the Packet Core Policy Management line of products. The nature of the work is very technical. Candidates will have a degree in Computing or Telecommunications.


The ideal candidate shows experience on linux kernel development and customization and has been involved in the development of device drivers for linux and/or has experience in kernel tuning. The candidate also would provide administration and installation experience with linux virtualization technologies, KVM preferably.

Mastering of linux as administrator is a must. Knowledge of Internals of this operating system is required.

Knowledge related to process handling, sockets, memory handling, etc. under linux is required.

Expertise in C, C++ and scripting as base skills.

Knowledge about clustering, packaging methods (rpm, deb, etc), replication (drbd) and high availability mechanisms would also be a plus together with knowledge and expertise about automation tools and techniques.

SQL database design (ER model, normal forms, etc), administration, customization and optimization

Other knowledge in non SQL databases/architectures would be a plus.

IT protocols: diameter, radius, LDAP, SQL

This position involves interaction with designers in other parts of the world, so fluent English is a must

Contact Antonio Rueda (Departamento de Informática) for more details.